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Case Study on ProPublica: Segregation Now

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-8-00-16-pmThe story I chose to do a case study on was one that is very close to my heart –  equal opportunity. The topic covered is Segregation Now, by Steve Engelberg and Robin Fields, published on ProPublica. Throughout the story, readers are taken on a journey of when schools were first segregated, how they became integrated and in recent events have started to revert back to old ways. While doing showing the resegregation of public schools, the authors cover the lives of three African Americans and how their lives have been effected by past and recent events. Using multimedia interactive storytelling technique, Segregation Now puts the reader in the driver’s seat and takes the story at their own pace while getting a chance to play with some interactive elements that creatively incorporate serious subject matter.

Text Formatting


The text formatting is broken up into chapters – first James, then Melissa and finally D’Leisha. The multimedia story does this by beginning with slideshows of photos without audio for strong visual stories that have short, powerful statements about segregation in schools and the progression and regression of strides that were made over the decades.

After the story catches the readers attention with tag lines and visual story telling, the text goes into chunking format. Chunking, “keep paragraphs short [and centered around] one idea.” With this, the reader is captured by the story that’s theme is how one person’s experience is altered by historical events regarding segregation. The story strays from using listicles or Q and A’s because they would be irrelevant to the overall read and message. Although the story does use photos, they are merely aids in telling the story rather than the only form of story telling.

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-6-25-38-pmIncorporating photos of the individuals the story touches on brings authenticity to the table. Which brings me back to our reading in The Power of Visual Storytelling, “People want the unpredictable, but familiar at the same time. They want real, candid moments from everyday life. Moments that speak to the human experience. That’s the kind of connection that secures a strong and stable bond.”  The authors of ProPublica: Segregation Now capture that by having real people in candid moments and some in posed but in very familiar clothing or settings.

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-12-13-39-pmThe usage of block quotes at the beginning of a chapter really grabs your attention and hints at what the chapter will entail. Like the perfect wrap up and introduction to the next aspect of segregation. drawing attention to serious content and gut checking facts that remind the reader that segregation is occurring again today. That as a society we are taking steps back.



Once the reader arrives on the opening page of Segregation Now, they are prompted to scroll down by the arrows reading “Begin.” Photos with captions are displayed that tell the story with short narratives. The reader must scroll slowly in order for the words to pop up and then transition to the next point. Without slowly scrolling, the words are never shown. The reader is lead to a writeup of about 1,000 words that display some graphs, once finished the next chapter begins.

The visual storytelling experience of ProPublica: Segregation Now isn’t incredibly interactive until the reader reaches the “More” tab with the links to Six Words, Timeline, and Map that were found throughout the story in various chapters. The reader can run their mouse over Six Words and the card will flip over to show the phrases from students on how they feel about the plight of racism and segregation. The timeline shows the events regarding segregation that followed Brown v. Board. The reader can click the arrow to go to the next chronological event or run their mouse along the timeline in any order they choose. The map that Segregation Now provides a layout of the “resegregating” schools in the United States today. Type in a county and the map will populate which schools are deemed segregated.

The interactivity of the multimedia story, is less cluttered than Pine Point, but less interactive. Segregation Now, however, is less wordy than Snowfall and more interactive. I felt that Segregation Now was easy to navigate, and told a clear story without much clutter and keeps the entertained. If the reader prefers strictly text, the story is also available in full text. I believe that the music that SnowFall and Pine Point incorporate in their interactive storytelling bring a certain eeriness to the piece — but Segregation Now lets the silence speak for itself and brings a seriousness to the piece. Although I might’ve liked to hear Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech when you first open the document. It may be a little trite, but I believe it would drive the point home.


At the end of the text, there is an opportunity for the reader to enter a “Six Word” phrase on race and education. There is also an option to leave comments and start a dialogue with other readers. Not only do these options allow the reader to be interactive with the story and leave their mark, it also opens them to dialoging with other readers about the topic at hand. I believe that this section allows the reader to see how race and education have an impact on the school children and how they are viewing the issue.


The mapping and formatting was the strongest and easiest to navigate of this semester. Although it wasn’t the most intricate display of interactivity for the reader, the mapping was seamless when moving from page to page and forced the reader to slow down in order to read the tagline along with the beginning pictures and then came to the text format to cover the chapter’s story. The photos changed from black and white to color as you scroll down and then vice versa toward the end of the storytelling experience to reiterate how the schooling is moving back to segregation.


To add to to the overall appeal, timelines of events are on the side of the pages, giving the reader a short and to the point visual of what was being talked about in the chunked text. These visuals allow the reader a chronologic list of events, that if they wish they can just skim through on their way to the next chapter. Every time I read this piece I found new pieces that I may have missed before.timeline

In the tab “Saving Central” a video was available for viewing to add a different experience for the reader. Once redirected to a separate page, the video covers, “One Principal’s fight in a resegregating South.” This is the only video that is embedded in the story, which I think fits because it allows the reader to see the strides that are happening today in schools and the video acts as a supplement to the story being told rather than the center.

I was upset that I was unable to view the mapping on my phone, I was only able to see the full the version. This only allows the reader to get the full multimedia experience from a laptop or desktop computer. Many people get their news from their phones, while they’re on the go, so this may take away from the viewership. Although, I don’t think you can truly get the entire experience and be impacted by this story without taking time to sit down, scroll through the chapters and interact with the timeline and maps.


screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-7-51-27-pmIn conclusion, this was a very strong and clear story that was being told using multimedia interactive techniques. Although there could have been more interactivity for the reader, I think that the story was told beautifully with an ample amount of photos and various other mediums to keep the readers attention and make learning about the evolution of segregation/resegregation in the U.S. schooling system.


Pine Point by Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons

Segregation Now by Steve Engelberg and Robin Fields

Snow Fall by John Branch

Writing for the Web by Joe Marren

Visual Storytelling by Newscred and gettyimages






Ladies and Gentleman, Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler!

During the 2015 Golden Globes opening ceremony, the duo glided onto the stage in full length form fitting gowns wearing their smirks as their only accessories. Fey and Poehler performed their signature banter like an SNL skit with the cued laughs and applause included. For a quick breakdown of my personal favorite minutes I’m going to give you a play by play of each joke! Be prepared they are back to back to back! If you want I have the video blow so you can cut to the best ones for the full effect and the audience’s reaction.

6:31 Tina – Matthew McConaughey did amazing work this year. For his role in Dallas Buyers club he lost 45 pounds – or what actresses call, “being in a movie.”

6:55 Amy – The wolf of wall street is a big nominee tonight and yes, I really loved the film. But some of it was too graphic, I mean if I wanted to see Jonah Hill masturbate at a pool party – I’d go to one of Jonah Hill’s pool parties.

7:17 Tina – Jonah Hill actually used a prothetic penis in the Wolf of Wall Street so you have so have something to look forward to next time you eat at Planet Hollywood.

7:27 Amy – A number of movies this year used prothetic genitals this year. Blue is the Warmest Color, Wolf of Wall Street, Saving Mr. Banks. Yes, a lot of people don’t know Tom Hanks was wearing one the entire time. He’s actually wearing one right now. *cut to Tom Hanks blushing*

9:20 Amy – Masters of Sex, which was the degree I got from Boston College


The two women snuck in some Feminist jabs – which never disappoint. Overall, the Golden Globes couldn’t have asked for a better pair to open the awards show and keep the room filled with some awkward laughter.

What a time to be alive


The New Ferran Exhibit and Food Deserts

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to the new exhibit, “The Invention of Food,” featuring Ferran Adria who is considered the Dali in the chef world at The Dali museum. This exhibition displayed Adria’s life’s work, his thought process, the methodical chaos of his restaurant El Bulli and interactive videos on display. Pictured below is one of his dishes – he is fascinated by deconstructed food.


The city of Saint Petersburg wanted to attach a cause to this exhibit – how to eradicate the food desert that is downtown Saint Petersburg. When you walk around DTSP, you walk by homeless people crouching in doorways of buildings, gathered around the park and even sleeping on public benches. It is heartbreaking to say that as a lifelong resident that I have become desensitized to such images. For those of us who are fortunate to know that we do not need to struggle for our next meal and are able to have a roof over our head at night – that we won’t be kicked out of due to trespassing is sometimes taken for granted.


Throughout the exhibit there are pictures of incredible meals and details of dinners that include 50 courses. At the end of the exhibit there is a leg of Ponte Negra which is a boar that they slice for you to sample. INCREDIBLE. Seriously something  you do not want to miss. Pictured above!


At the end of your experience, the Dali has a little cafe that is now offering some dishes that are inspired by Ferran Adria himself. Here is my goat cheese salad that I devoured right before running off to work an eight hour shift.

When you become desensitized to the harsh world that is around  you, take a step back and realize that change needs to happen – something needs to be done. Be a part of the movement to eradicate food deserts. Let’s start with Saint Petersburg – enough is enough. And if you feel as if you haven’t been exposed to the horrors of the homeless population and their story, check out this documentary by Jake Troyli and Nick Brengle, “Broken Lives Illustrated.” Listen to their stories.


Three Foodie Accounts to Follow!

Aspiring foodie? Want to explore your city without having to test out all of the shitty places first? I have gathered the top sources(besides me of course) to guide you through Tampa Bay!


First is Creative Loafing – a local magazine that showcases artists, restaurants and upcoming events. Feel free to dine, party and explore alone or with a partner in crime. This is a great Instagram account to start you off!


Next is Tampa Bay eats out Instagram! They won Best of the Bay blogger award at the Creative Loafing ceremony! The community gets to vote and decide, so obviously locals know best. Tampa Bay eats out posts mouth watering pictures of local eats. HIT THE FOLLOW BUTTON!


Lastly, if you are a looking for a restaurant in the area for a special event or for a casual dinner, check out Tampa Bay Restaurant on Facebook! You can go “like” the page so new updates will pop up giving you the thumbs up or down on local restaurants.

How to Spend your Saturday in Downtown Tampa

Although the calendar says that the first day of Fall was September 22nd, the temperatures in Florida tell a different story. No scarves are being warn in Tampa! Daisy dukes and flip flops year round. So since you’re not able to throw on your coat and take a walk, here’s what you can do on a Saturday in Downtown Tampa with your significant other, family or even by yourself when all of the above are pissing you off. If you stick around until sunset you’ll get to experience the Riverwalk nightlife and lights. Check out the pic above for a sneak peak!

fullsizerender-8First let’s start off with a stroll around the Tampa Museum of Art— If you’re a student you get in for FREE! I know how all of you college kids are looking for ways to flash that ID to get you into movies and such. Get some culture in your life and experience the exhibits that take you from ancient artifact to contemporary art and larger than life sculptures. Once you grab a spot in the parking garage next door, walk to the spouting water that children are usually screaming and running through and you’re there!  To the right is a photo of the Human Landscape sculpture by Jaume Plensa.

img_3726After you get some art in, it’s time for lunch! Head across the street to Anise Global Gastrobar. A little upscale but extremely reasonably priced. Jake and I went there for their monthly art show “Wine and Rhyme” where local artists and enthusiasts gather to perform and support creativity. While Jake was showing his work and talking to fellow artists I took it upon myself to order one of everything on the menu. First sticky bunz, then a thai noodle bowl followed by two large french presses to keep us awake until the event ended at 1am. Pictures below of the carnage. Indoor, as well as outdoor seating is available!


fullsizerender-6Now that you have eaten your weight in sticky bunz — it’s time to RIDE! All around the Downtown  Tampa area there are little bike rentals for the public to utilize! Why be stuck in traffic when you can petal around and getting some fresh air and burn off that 1,000 calorie meal? Once you pay your few bucks to get some wheels, head down to the Riverwalk and ride along the water. Make it a romantic date, a family journey or a relaxing cruise to clear your mind. There is a rental location right  outside of the Tampa Museum of Art that is literally on the Riverwalk!

Tampa’s Population Growth since 1990!

Tampa’s population has been growing rapidly since 1990—climbing to nearly 350,000! With the residential growth not the rise, trendy restaurants begin popping up all over the Tampa Bay Area. Herd mentality will push locals to frequented spots! With growth of population comes growth in businesses(and thankfully more brunch spots).

The SHINE Mural Festival … and French Toast

Thanks to Hurricane Hermine the college that I work for was shut down for FIVE DAYS! And what a magical five days they were. Saturday morning my boyfriend took me to brunch at First Watch – a little farm to table spot in Temple Terrace. If you’re a health nut, First Watch was made for you! Check out their menu here! We needed to get some coffee (and some of the most amazing french toast around) before The Shine Mural Festival. The feature image was taken by a local photographer and dear friend, Shadow. My boyfriend, Jake Troyli, is a local artist that was one of ten selected to mural the Pinellas Trail in Saint Pete! But first, coffee.


This is the Floridian French Toast – sourdough French toast with wheat germ and powdered cinnamon sugar, covered with fresh banana, kiwi and berries. There is a blueberry compote that comes on the side that I recommend ordering extra of. I can’t get enough. I was so excited to eat it that my hands were shaking when I took this picture.


Here is Jake demolishing the current special Eggs Benedict with Barbacoa. Usually he gives me two or three bites of whatever he ordered… not this time. But he did give me a taste! We’ll have to go back before it’s off the menu! Most of my posts will include pictures that I take of Jake, I’m obsessed!

If you’re a pumpkin lover, ’tis the season to order monstrous pumpkin pancakes that just hit the First Watch Menu!


Jake caught this picture of me while I was helping out filling in random walls. Just in case you were curious, here’s a little bit about The SHINE Mural Festival that has been going on for the last two weeks all over Saint Pete! Jake was invited to work on a 3ft x 13ft wall on the Pinellas Trail along with nine other local artists and 40 selected students from a nearby high school to bring some beauty to the trail for riders and walkers! You can check out the other murals that are covering Downtown Saint Petersburg(dtsp) here!


Enjoy this picture of very dehydrated and delirious polaroid of us over his finished mural, “Sunny Punch-out” – his first mural ever! I had to track one of the high school students down to take this picture of us.


Another polaroid taken of the mocha prince by yours truly. The following day we were sunburnt and broken, so obviously that meant a coffee run. Kahwa’s have been popping up all over the Tampa Bay Area and they always have outdoor seating which we never pass up! Especially in the morning before the real heat hits. Strongest coffee with a laid back atmosphere. Get a large Americano, the tattooed mocha man and dog are not included.

Go out my little art and foodie enthusiasts and experience the Tampa Bay Area!

It never disappoints!


Labor Day Weekend Eats

Time to soak up the last day of Labor Day weekend with the best local eats the Tampa Bay area has to offer. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite spots around town. Thank me later—


Ask anyone about the Tampa food scene and Datz will be on the list! With combinations that include burgers with glazed donuts for buns, fried macaroni and cheese balls and bacon-jalapeno stuffed mac and cheese meatloaf, Datz has something to please your wildest dreams.

With an extensive bar, Datz has local breweries on tap and wine bottles at the ready.

If you’re looking to brunch with Datz make sure to either make a reservation a day before or call ahead – this is one of the trendiest spots in town!

Can’t forget to head next door to Dough for a sweets overload. Dough recently added a donut ice-cream cone! Getting to your cone is well worth the brain freeze.

Photo courtesy of Datz

Must try: The Vandrose Burger: 100% fresh ground chuck, house-made bacon onion marmalade, and white cheddar. Served on a split glazed doughnut.


On holidays, we brunch. With rice bowls catering to breakfast or lunch, Ciccio has whatever you’re craving covered. Want to continue drinking this Labor Day weekend?

Order a Maxmosa, an extra large mimosa with a mini bottle of champagne refilling your glass with every sip.


Photo courtesy of Foodio54

Don’t like champagne? The Slamgria will leave you feeling bubbly with a mini bottle of white(or red) wine spiking your mixer.

Two locations to please all Tampa Bay residents – Cicco Water located in Soho and Ciccio Cali on 4th Street in Saint Pete.


Asian street fare has landed in Downtown Saint Pete! Whether you’re out with your partner, celebrating after a Rays game or in the mood for a buffet’s worth of food without the stomachache — Hawkers is ready to serve.

Must try: Bbq Pork Char Siu – Roasted pork tenderloin, wok-seared with garlic and sweet soy sauce, then topped with spring onions

before I die wall

Bonus: a “Before I Die” wall was just painted nearby during The SHINE Mural Festival that is going on all week long! While you’re waiting for you table or walking off your meal write down what’s on your bucket list.

Red Mesa Cantina

Bar hoping in DTSP all day? Make sure that Red Mesa Cantina is a stop! Two words – Bacon. Mimosa. The Bacon Mimosa will not disappoint. This combination will pull you out of your hangover and get you ready to party in no time.

red mesa
Photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Times

The kitchen serves up monstrous breakfast burritos, gaspacho and tortas. No grease, just authentic Mexican food. No to-go box needed.

Indoor and outdoor seating available. You can escape the heat or have a front row seat to people watch the residence of DTSP.

Must try: The Guacamole Burrito – Scrambled eggs and pico de gallo topped with chile verde sauce and queso fresco.


This is not your average dorm room ramen. With only a few locations nationwide, Ichiramen is taking Tampa by storm. Make your reservation at least an hour or two in advanced on weekends and Friday nights. Dress down for sophisticated ramen.

Photo courtesy of Graciolo

The NoWait app is a lifesaver! Completely free and will keep you from calling ahead or even waiting in line next to smellies until your name is called.

Try going after the Vagabond Gita Market every Monday night that’s right across the street. Experience local artists before grabbing a bowl of steaming ramen.

Venture a little outside of your comfort zone and try a specialty combination.

Must try: Champon – shio tare, pork/chicken broth, grilled gulf shrimp, chasyu asado, ginger tempura, scallion, corn, shiitake and sesame.



Jenna Eats The City

jennaThis blog will be dedicated to my experience, review and critique of the Tampa Bay dining scene. I will accompany each blog post with photographs of the food, atmosphere and the occasional illustration of my experience. I will be able to point young foodie couples (or solo diners) to hidden gems, up and coming hot spots and forgotten standouts all while having a glass of wine in my hand. The good will be praised and the bad will be decimated.

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