Thanks to Hurricane Hermine the college that I work for was shut down for FIVE DAYS! And what a magical five days they were. Saturday morning my boyfriend took me to brunch at First Watch – a little farm to table spot in Temple Terrace. If you’re a health nut, First Watch was made for you! Check out their menu here! We needed to get some coffee (and some of the most amazing french toast around) before The Shine Mural Festival. The feature image was taken by a local photographer and dear friend, Shadow. My boyfriend, Jake Troyli, is a local artist that was one of ten selected to mural the Pinellas Trail in Saint Pete! But first, coffee.


This is the Floridian French Toast – sourdough French toast with wheat germ and powdered cinnamon sugar, covered with fresh banana, kiwi and berries. There is a blueberry compote that comes on the side that I recommend ordering extra of. I can’t get enough. I was so excited to eat it that my hands were shaking when I took this picture.


Here is Jake demolishing the current special Eggs Benedict with Barbacoa. Usually he gives me two or three bites of whatever he ordered… not this time. But he did give me a taste! We’ll have to go back before it’s off the menu! Most of my posts will include pictures that I take of Jake, I’m obsessed!

If you’re a pumpkin lover, ’tis the season to order monstrous pumpkin pancakes that just hit the First Watch Menu!


Jake caught this picture of me while I was helping out filling in random walls. Just in case you were curious, here’s a little bit about The SHINE Mural Festival that has been going on for the last two weeks all over Saint Pete! Jake was invited to work on a 3ft x 13ft wall on the Pinellas Trail along with nine other local artists and 40 selected students from a nearby high school to bring some beauty to the trail for riders and walkers! You can check out the other murals that are covering Downtown Saint Petersburg(dtsp) here!


Enjoy this picture of very dehydrated and delirious polaroid of us over his finished mural, “Sunny Punch-out” – his first mural ever! I had to track one of the high school students down to take this picture of us.


Another polaroid taken of the mocha prince by yours truly. The following day we were sunburnt and broken, so obviously that meant a coffee run. Kahwa’s have been popping up all over the Tampa Bay Area and they always have outdoor seating which we never pass up! Especially in the morning before the real heat hits. Strongest coffee with a laid back atmosphere. Get a large Americano, the tattooed mocha man and dog are not included.

Go out my little art and foodie enthusiasts and experience the Tampa Bay Area!

It never disappoints!