A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to the new exhibit, “The Invention of Food,” featuring Ferran Adria who is considered the Dali in the chef world at The Dali museum. This exhibition displayed Adria’s life’s work, his thought process, the methodical chaos of his restaurant El Bulli and interactive videos on display. Pictured below is one of his dishes – he is fascinated by deconstructed food.


The city of Saint Petersburg wanted to attach a cause to this exhibit – how to eradicate the food desert that is downtown Saint Petersburg. When you walk around DTSP, you walk by homeless people crouching in doorways of buildings, gathered around the park and even sleeping on public benches. It is heartbreaking to say that as a lifelong resident that I have become desensitized to such images. For those of us who are fortunate to know that we do not need to struggle for our next meal and are able to have a roof over our head at night – that we won’t be kicked out of due to trespassing is sometimes taken for granted.


Throughout the exhibit there are pictures of incredible meals and details of dinners that include 50 courses. At the end of the exhibit there is a leg of Ponte Negra which is a boar that they slice for you to sample. INCREDIBLE. Seriously something  you do not want to miss. Pictured above!


At the end of your experience, the Dali has a little cafe that is now offering some dishes that are inspired by Ferran Adria himself. Here is my goat cheese salad that I devoured right before running off to work an eight hour shift.

When you become desensitized to the harsh world that is around  you, take a step back and realize that change needs to happen – something needs to be done. Be a part of the movement to eradicate food deserts. Let’s start with Saint Petersburg – enough is enough. And if you feel as if you haven’t been exposed to the horrors of the homeless population and their story, check out this documentary by Jake Troyli and Nick Brengle, “Broken Lives Illustrated.” Listen to their stories.